The Human Body with Allegedly Dave


Allegedly Dave

A discussion about the human body and the commonly held myths of medicine, nutrition and disease, revealing them to be merely theories taken as truth based on a biased interpretation of observations, driven by profit margins rather than patient well being.

We will be focusing on how to listen to the body’s messages, respond correctly to its warnings with actions that are in harmony with it in order to maintain the human body in excellent condition far beyond its “expected” lifetime.

We will also be delving into the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life, and discovering that we are actually immensely powerful, spiritual beings, one with all that is, operating an amazing, self repairing “Earth Rover”, capable of creating and shaping the physical reality it inhabits, and concludes that life is not a serious endeavor, it’s an adventure game, and if we learn its rules, learn to flow with it rather than fight it then we can get the best experience of this amazing game.

The Human Body

The Human Body

Dave’s book is available for sale here: http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-human-body-owners-workshop-manual/15303189

And his website can be found here http://www.allegedlydave.com/