Welcome to Conscious Camp 24th to 27th May 2024

Be sure to follow the facebook event for updates on the workshops as we add them.  If you want to volunteer or run a workshop then use the application links above.

Set in the beautiful Welsh countryside next to the river Dee, this is a magical place where magical things happen.  Read some of the testimonials at the bottom of this page.  If you have never been before then you are in for a heart warming, nurturing, healing experience.  The connections, the workshops, the music, the river, and all the other people here make it one of Wales’s favourite small gatherings.  We limit number to 200 in order to keep the connections real and feel like a real earth family.

This is an intoxicant free festival.  This allows people to explore themselves deeper without numbing out what is bubbling under the surface.  We have many practitioner and workshops leaders that offer a safe space to purge whatever needs releasing.  For others, this is simply a place to connect, sing, dance and have fun.  The choice is yours.

Please bring two binbags with you,  one for your rubbish and one for your recycling.  We do not have the means to dispose of your rubbish.

There is a sauna onsite.  Please be aware that there may be nudity in and around the sauna.  The sauna is in the second field.  If you wish to be nude then please only do so in the second field only.

We look forward to welcoming you and meeting new friends.


The cost of Conscious Camp is just £75. Early Bird £65.  Late & Gate Tickets £85.  Children over 7 are £5.

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Click here for directions.  The camp is near Llangollen in North Wales.  If using public transport, a bus goes from Wrexham to Glyndyfrdwy.  Get off in Glyndyfrdwy, head for the steam railway crossing, go across the tracks, head over the bridge, turn left and keep following the road for 1/2 mile until you get to Ty Isa Farm.  The entrance is then past the farm, second gate on the left.


By attending you accept that you are responsible for your own health and safety while on the Conscious Camp weekend. Please note that the river has particularly strong currents and we strongly advise against swimming in it.  Vans and live-in vehicles must have chocks and must not be pointing down hill.

Who we are

We are a small group of people that want to share our thoughts, practices, and beliefs with other like minded people.


The camp location is in a breath taking location in the Dee Valley alongside the river Dee, North Wales.

The environment

We are low impact, environment friendly and encourage exploring this wonderful place.


We ask you to bring the means to take your rubbish away with you.


 This was my first year at Conscious Camp and it was, sincerely one of best gatherings I’ve ever been to. So wonderful to be in such a beautiful place, with such wonderful people. So refreshing to be so clean and pure. Such unadulterated fun and sharing. No drugs, no alcohol, no hassle! Pure fresh running water, pure fresh prasadam, helping us all on our journey of self discovery. The range of talks and workshops was fantastic, some deep, some fun, all stimulating. The environment and vibe was safe and supportive. I met some wonderful people, had a wonderful time and am so looking forward to the next one. I may have repeated ‘wonderful’ a few too many times and forgotten to mention all the authentic ‘love’ that was in the air, but I think you get the picture! – Jo Hughes

Conscious camp is about connection, nature, learning, love, being. It is a little haven of heaven where I feel I can truly be who I am. The first conscious camp gave me a huge boost on my spiritual path and forged lifelong friendships and both have deepened with the consecutive camps. The place, the people, the intention, it all creates this magical experience that is hard to express in words, it’s a feeling of recognition, purpose, love, belonging and joy. I am so grateful this event exists. xxx – Rena Ray

I have been attending since the birth of CC and each time the love healing energy becomes increased. I get so much healing from being in such a green lush environment .walking barefoot on that wet green grass and paddling in a fresh Welsh water stream. I felt spiritually uplifted and energised when I got back…thanks to the contribution of all the good loving company of everyone creating the consciousness of the camp..p.s Good Hygiene too!!…lol…loved those Nyce hand sprays and soaps by the toilets…lol xx -Sue Fownes

After 15 years of extremely poor health due to 2 accidents which involved inhaling airborne pollutants, the first being Arsenic the second being ‘Biosolids’. I had been busy with searching for answers and had found some great healers, from whom I had enormous support and various treatments. I managed to just about summon up the energy to attend the first ever “Conscious Camp”. I loved the energy and the setting and met some of the loveliest people I have ever met. I went along to as many of the workshops as possible. Sadly I was so poorly I was unable to stay awake through all but one of them. That was a year ago now. My life has totally changed since. My health is still improving by the Day. I am able to work and live a near “normal” life. I am happy and have made the best and closest friends imaginable from this camp. It feels like a whole family of like minded people coming together to do what we enjoy most, which is helping one another in a variety of ways and sometimes without even knowing it.
This picturesque setting is owned by the most wonderful farmer and his wife. Eryl and Anita are just Two very generous and kind people, who can’t do enough for us, they even supply us with used pallets strategically placed to use as camp tables and copious quantities of wood for our evenings spent singing and jamming round the fire.
The setting is beautiful, surrounded by green hills and trees. The river running along the edge of the site with the steam train making an appearance from time to time just makes it idyllic. As it’s a not for profit event the price makes it very affordable and with superb vegan food included, well you get the picture. I LOVE it and wouldn’t miss it for the world.
So wonderful to be spending time outdoors, learning whilst having fun and making new friends at the same time.
Special thanks to Steve Graham for making it all happen and being a wonderful host, to Scott Grant and Dave Murphy who’ve managed to get my health back to some semblance of normality. Plus my lovely lovely friends whom I’ve made at Conscious Camp.
Living in “the now” whilst really looking forward to September.
Feeling grateful. – Linda Brin


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