Men’s Workshop with Stephen Davies

menThere is a lot of pressure on men to be successful in their work, provide for their families, adjust to life changes, be conscious partners and nurturing fathers and contribute to their local community.

This is not possible without a safe space to share their personal challenges and gain shared guidance. Without this monthly practice, many men shut down in overwhelm, numbing their feelings with overwork or substances which has a detrimental effect on their relationships.

At a brotherhood lodge, we gather to gain Insight into the solar cycle & how to live in alignment with the sun to heal & empower the masculine.

menBy visiting masculine archetypes it helps us reveal our deeper psyche that is playing out in people’s stories, giving greater understanding into how we tick & how we can heal & become whole.” This is a safe place, where through meditation, shared oracle card readings we can share our innermost thoughts & feelings, knowing you will never be shamed, bullied, intimidated or hit on.

Together we can meet inspire, mentor, motivate, share, encourage & support each other on our journey.