Chanting with Suzie Price

Date:Apr 17, 2015


For those unfamiliar with the practice, chanting is the repetitive singing of short songs or mantra.

The human voice is a wonderful instrument to connect with the soul and with Source, which is why it is central to many religions and spiritual practices.
Chanting reduces stress, uplifts the mood, resonates with the chakra system, activates the flow of subtle energies, balances mind and aura and can lead to a state of blissful joy. It is good for heart and lungs. Chanting is an excellent way of experiencing these benefits.

Share and experience the ways of spirituality, the truth and the light in their various manifestations from the wisdom of Native American traditions and the magic of Indian bhajans to the gentleness of Buddhist chants,and sometimes free-styling where we will find our own healing sounds.

We sit together in circle, a safe and nurturing space to discover and explore our voice and our soul. Many close their eyes while chanting.

Percussion plays a big part ..bring your own but some is provided. Some can’t resist the urge to dance to the more upbeat chants!

Words can’t really describe the experience of chanting with others; feelings of joy, ecstasy, stillness and peace, harmony, connection with yourself and others… All just by singing simple, sacred songs from all over the world with an open heart in a joyful and meditative way.