Red Tent with Jayne Mcalister

Date:Apr 17, 2015

Red Tent

Just a little bit about what a Red Tent is and what you can expect when you attend a gathering.
In a traditional culture, girls would start attending the Red Tent or Moon Lodge when they started their menstruation. They would be welcomed into a circle of women where they would go once a month and would learn about all the feminine traditions and customs.

This practice was observed by those living in agricultural communities as their menstrual cycles would synchronize with the New Moon, enabling them to gather together, when their life force was depleted, so outward activity was ceased in order to focus on their inner needs.

In the modern day Red Tent, you learn how to follow your cycle, connecting with your cycle and the moon (even after menopause), understand your emotions and how they change through each month, visit each one of your 7 Chakras with the help from a Goddess archetype to help heal, balance your feminine psyche and reconnect with your beautiful, powerful yoni & womb. Also learn about women’s health, hormones, pleasure and how to harness your powerful intuition through oracle readings & meditation and how to get into the feminine by movement and being creative.

The Red Tent is a place for women to nurture, support and empower each other. It is a place to relax, release and rejuvenate. To heal old wounds and generations of women’s suppression, to become the Wild Woman you were born to be. A place for time out for you to be you, once a month ♥