The Quest for Higher Consciousness


Inner Peace

First of all what is higher consciousness and why do we want it?  When we are in the realm of higher consciousness we are acting from pure love, we are free from ego, we act from our hearts not from a reaction from external forces. We are able to connect with people and flow with loving acceptance.  We do not react negatively to other peoples actions or words.   We are able to understand people and their issues without getting dragged into them.  Only when we are acting from this level of consciousness are we able to effectively change the world we live in.  As Gandhi said, “Be the Change you want to see in the World”.

When we are living from the lower centers of consciousness we are preoccupied with what we think we need, whether it be security, sensations, or power.  These demands come from our addictions.  I don’t just mean the type of addictions that have a physical impact on us but also the subtle addictions that cause us to act outside of pure love.  Some addictions demand we get a response from a loved one, or that we are accepted by a certain person.  These addictions are all ego created.  By becoming aware of them we able to release them and turn them into preferences.  The 3 big addictions are sex, intoxicants, and control. By becoming aware of them and releasing them as addictions can only help us transcend the lower centers of consciousness.  Conscious Camp is a place to raise our vibration and practice living in the higher centers of consciousness.




This is why  Conscious camp is an intoxicant free event. That means there will be no alcohol or drug consumption (this includes marijuana). we also discourage smoking tobacco. For this reason the sacred space (the area with the communal Tent, food and communal fire) will be a smoke free zone. We hope everyone will respect the intention to keep conscious camp a place of higher conscious awareness and thus discouraging any addictive behaviour that would take away from this. Anyone choosing to ignore this kind request will be respectfully reminded of our intentions for the camp. So let’s all come with the intention to keep the camp a pure, sacred space.

If you feel that this is too difficult then please visit our good friends Conscious Tribal Gathering who meet on the same site.