Whats On

The Work of Byron Katie with Rena Ray

The Work is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question the t
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The Living Inquiry with Kzee

‘Through the Living Inquiries we’ll discover what lies at the heart of our fears and anxieties
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The Human Body with Allegedly Dave

A discussion about the human body and the commonly held myths of medicine, nutrition and disease, re
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Red Tent with Jayne Mcalister

In a traditional culture, girls would start attending the Red Tent or Moon Lodge when they started t
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Men’s Workshop with Stephen Davies

At a brotherhood lodge, we gather to gain Insight into the solar cycle & how to live in alignment wi
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Hooping with Lottie Lucid

Learn some hoop dance, freestyle or learn a sequence of moves - it's up to you! I want to share the
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HeartMath Expanding Heart Intelligence

In this workshop we will explore, what is 'Heart Intelligence', why its important, and how we can le
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Gong Sound Bath with Suzie Price

After a meditation you will be taken on an improvised journey of sacred sound which will last around
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Conscious Connection Workshop with Stevi Ross

During this workshop we explore boundaries and barriers, intent and presence, expression and communi
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Chanting with Suzie Price

The human voice is a wonderful instrument to connect with the soul and with Source, which is why it
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Chakra Energy Dance with Jill Philips

Chakra energy dance, a workshop to release all that no longer serves and bring in new light and posi
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Tibetan Singing Bowls with Scott Grant

Scott Grant will be taking you on a healing journey with his awesome crystal bowls.
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Full List Below


Opening Ceremony
An opportunity to connect with ourselves and each other. Held by Katie Creuynni

Closing Ceremony
Getting closure on our camp, sharing our experiences, and creating a future with love.

Workshops & Classes

Tibetan Singing Bowls with Scott Grant

Gong Bath with Suzie Price

Expanding Heart Intelligence with Michelle Offord

Conscious Connection  with Stevi Ross

The Work by Byron Katie with Rena Ray

Re-evaluation Counselling with Pip Waller <…more…>

The Living Inquiries with Kzee

Red Tent with Jayne Mcalister Davies

Men’s Space with Stephen Lewis Davies

Journeying for Essence Retrieval with Katie Creuynni <…more…>

Laughter Yoga with Andy Lovelife  – Prepare for some belly laughs.

Yoga with Michelle Offord <….more…>

Meditation Space – A space for free for all non guided meditation

Awakening Dance – Early Morning Dance

Craftanoons – Drop in and get creative with Victoria and Andrea

Organic Soap Workshop, Bee stuff, Seed bank with Sue Fowness



The Human Body with Allegedly Dave.


Music, Dance, Movement, and Theatre

Chakra Energy Dance with Jill Sandra Phillips

Kids Earth Theatre with Jill Sandra Phillips

Hooping with Lottie Lucid

Sunday Night Party Celebrating our togetherness and connecting.  Balloons, party games, food, juice.

Kirtan with Dauji and Pip  – Call and Response Chanting  performed in India’s traditional Bhakti.

Chanting with Suzie Price



Giant Jenga
A little bit of fun with Giant Jenga


Walk to the village
A lovely walk to the nearest village with a stop at the local watering hole for some food.

Human Knot
Fun as a team to untangle yourselves. http://www.greatgroupgames.com/the-human-knot.htm


Camp fire Talks
Covering topics like: Resource based economy, Climate change, Deforestation, The truth about corporations, Animal and human rights, Nutrition, Conventional medicine and energy healing, Tantric yoga, Mindful meditation, Techniques to fight the ego, How to awaken the consciousness, Healing techniques, Kundalini raising, Meditation techniques, The gift of free will and Karma, The path of Dharma, Synchronicity, Kabbalah teachings, Out of body exploration and lucid dreaming, Remote viewing, How to develop your psychic abilities, Sound healing and more.


Any other holistic practices

We are looking for anyone who would be willing to assist by bringing their holistic practice to share with others either as donation based or free. A donation of £20 to the practitioner is suggested normally.  Please contact us to reserve your pitch.